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       Friday, October 09, 2015

To promote the sustainable and integrated use of Crown land while providing opportunities for diversification and economic growth.

Completed tenders and five per cent deposit must be received at a Ministry Regional Office by 2 p.m. November 19, 2015

The 2012 Land Lease Survey provides information on lease data for cultivated cash, cultivated crop share and pasture lease agreements in the province. 

Do you have questions about leasing Crown land?  Here you can find the related guidelines, policies and processes.

Are you interested in purchasing Crown land? Crown land may be sold by tender, by catalogue or by direct sale to an existing lessee.  Policies, available land and application forms are available here. 

Are you looking for Crown land in your R.M.? Using this page, you can search for Crown land by either R.M. or by legal land description. 

How do you obtain a surface lease on Crown land?   Here you can find the related Crown land policies and guidelines.

A secure, password protected website which provides registered users access to their lease information.

This viewer provides access to geographical features and satellite imagery of agricultural Crown land. Details on individual parcels of land can also be viewed.

This program offers supplemental grazing to Saskatchewan livestock producers and promotes environmental and agricultural sustainability of marginal Crown lands; check out this link for more program details.




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